The Ironman competition is held in Puerto Del Carmen every year. The competitors come from all over the world and rank from the professionals to amateurs. The race itself starts off with a 3.8km swim at exactly 7:00am in the morning. This normally lasts for around 2 hours (2 hours 20 minutes is the offical time limit). After the swim the competitors take to their bikes for a 180km bike ride around the Island. The bike ride is sometimes classed as the hardest part of this triathlon because of the heat and wind. The offical time this section is to be completed in is 10 hours 30 minutes. The final stage of the race is the 42.195km run. This run takes place along Puerto Del Carmens main front street. This final part of the race must be complete before 12:00 pm. This is a very long race but the action is always none stop.

For further information on the race you can visit the Offical Ironman Lanzarote page.

As a note, leading up to this event people who decide to visit Lanzarote to watch the Ironman should know that because the main street is used as the track, this road is closed off a couple of days before and during the event making traveling around the Island a little more difficult.