A question commonly asked is about jobs in Puerto del Carmen and other resorts in Lanzarote, mainly people asking for jobs or the best way to find a job in Puerto Del Carmen.

As described in Moving to Lanzarote you need to have obtained your NIF number. You do not need to have this before you work, if you have not already got this number your employer will / should help you in this process. If your employer will not help for whatever reason, there are a number of poeple on the Island who will offer this service.

Bar / Restaurants Work

The easiest way to get a bar job in Puerto Del Carmen is to actually go to the bars and simply ask. There is no real secret in this and no placed advertising the jobs in Puerto Del Carmen. Many people walk around the town and go into the bars and ask who ever is behind the bar if they are looking for staff.
Normally the bar will ask if you have experience and take down a telephone number so they may contact you if a job becomes available.

Other Jobs

If you are looking for office work, painting, scuba diving work they the chances these jobs will be advertised in local papers and magazines. You will normally be expected to have a little knowledge in Spanish as well as the relevant experience in the field of work you are applying for.

You can also use various forums and social media to look for jobs.  Some companies are advertising using these methods so be sure to keep an eye out.

When looking for any jobs in Lanzarote – Puerto Del Carmen it’s normally a case of who you know. With the Islands being a small british community the news of jobs is normally spread by word of mouth rather than an form of advertising.

Social Media

You can also search for groups on places such as ‘Facebook’ for Job in Lanzarote.  There are some groups in which you will find people advertising jobs and of course useful information on Puerto del Carmen.