Kids Activities

When visiting Puerto del Carmen with your family you will of course have plenty of activities to do with your children whether it is visiting various tourist attractions, playing on the beach or visiting various bars and restaurants but what other things are available for children?

This section if full of ideas of how to keep the kids entertained in Puerto Del Carmen.

Mini Golf / Crazy Golf

There are two mini golf areas you can take your children to help entertain them.  Both offer 14+ holes along with a kiosk for drinks (for kids and adults).

The first mini golf is located between the casino and San Antonio hotel on the beach side.  The mini golf offers not just the golf but also has a small soft play area and some trampolines.  The trampolines will cost you 1 euro for 5 minutes, golf is around 3 euro and little ones can get 30 minutes soft play for 3 euro too.


Located at Centro Alantico you will find an arcade area.  Outside are some rides and inside you will find a selection of games for the family to play on including the likes of air hocky, shooting games and of course the usual bandits.

Bike Hire

Along the strip and near apartments you will find many different ike hire places.  You can hire bikes for all the family including bikes (if you can call them that) which will sit 4 people.

By hiring a bike you are able to bike the length of Puerto del Carmen and if you are feeling fit, further afield.

The bike hire is a good way to see the resort, get some exercise and get your children to the point they are ready for bed at an early time!


On a day where the weather is not great there are a couple of places you can take children bowling.  There is a bowling centre at the Deiland Shopping centre in Playa honda but there is now a bowling centre in PDC.  Located near the start of the old town is Cesars Bowling centre.  This used to be a large ‘night club’ however as things change along the strip its became a bowling centre where you can have a few frames of bowling along with the usual drinks.  A good place to visit and a little different from the normal tourist activities.