A lot of people ask questions on moving to Lanzarote / Puerto Del Carmen. The information provided below is a quick guide on how to move, things to watch out for and of course work.

If you are an EU Citizen you have right to work in Lanzarote with full working rights. To work in Lanzarote the first thing to do is to obtain a tax number known as a
NIF or Numero de Identification Fiscal. Getting this NIF number can be a straight forward process, they are many people / companies on the Island which will help you fill in the forms
and take you to the police station to get the number, this number will be used in all taxation dealings. Second, you must enroll with the social security system and obtain a social security number which you can quote any time you need to see a Government doctor,
free of charge. As an employee your social security will be paid by your employer along with tax retention.

If you are self-employed you will have to apply for a fiscal licence allowing you to trade in a particular field. You will have to pay your own social security every month and tax every quarter. At the end of the tax year you will also be obliged to make a declaration or Declaracion de La Renta.
This will be done by a Gestoria which again they are many on the Island. They will help you fill in forms and deal with the legal aspects of running your own business.

Once you have complete the above you will be ready to look into getting a job on the Island.