Useful Information


It is normal to tip taxi drivers, restaurants and even in bars 10%.


There is very few places in Puerto Del Carmen that will a specific dress code. Most places you can wear what ever you like but you need to remember that
there is normally always a breeze in Lanzarote so on the night, it can get cool and you may need to have a jumper.


Although the water in Puerto Del Carmen is safe to drink it will normally disagree with tourists and end up causing up-set stomachs. There is plenty of treated bottled water on the Island
which you are encouraged to drink. The bottled water is available in all supermarkets and is normally very cheap.


Electricity is only slightly below the voltage in the UK, 220 rather than 240 volts.

Time Differance

There is NO time differance between Lanzarote and the UK, Lanzarote even change the clocks to keep with the British summer time.

Useful Telephone Numbers:

General Information 928 846 000
Iberia Flight Information 928 846 001
Iberia Cargo 928 846 156
Meteorological 928 846 158
Credits Cards-Lost or Stolen
Eurocard 915 196 000
Visa / Mastercard 915 192 100
Amex 902 375 637
Police 112
Fire 112
Red Cross 112
Ambulances 061
Fire Brigade 928 816 312
Lifeguard and Coastguard 900 202 202